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What your money can do

Your donations help fund our vital services for blind and partially sighted peopleIt’s always good to have a target to aim for, so take a look at what your fundraising could achieve for blind and partially sighted people below.

Our commitment to ensuring your donation makes an impact means that 87p in every £1 you raise will go directly to our services.

Even the smallest amounts can make a real difference and change someone’s story by opening a world of reading to them.

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How your money helps:

  • £5 can help us to answer a call to our Helpline from someone who has just found out they are losing their sight.
  • £10 can help a parent to cook for their children, through our range of giant print cookery books.
  • £15 helps to pay for calls to our Helpline , a source of vital information for people with sight loss.
  • £50 can help give talking books for a whole year to a blind reader.
  • £100 can pay for the recording of a talking newspaper.
  • £125 can help prepare parents to teach braille to their children.
  • £250 can help someone participate in RNIB’s Telephone Book Clubs from the comfort of their own home.
  • £500 can help us create a children’s book in braille or giant print.
  • £2,500 can help us record a new talking book for our library to keep readers up to date with the latest titles.
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