Fundraising with kids

Kids can have lots of fun raising money for Read for RNIBWhen Alice ventured down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, she discovered a world full of imagination and delight. Read for RNIB wants to inspire children in a similar way by encouraging them to read and share their love of books through fun events.

Why not make your nurseryschool or uniform group part of Read for RNIB this October?

Be creative with your fundraising

You can be as creative as you want with your fundraising, be inspired! There are so many ways that kids can unite and open up the world of reading to all blind and partially sighted children. It may be that a member of their family or friend has sight loss and what a perfect reason to change the story. Kids will love our Alice in Wonderland fundraising pack.

Ideas for kids include:

  • Come-as-a-character day
  • Mad Hatter's Sensory Tea Party
  • Reading relay
  • Story sleepover.

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For even more inspiration you can visit our A to Z of fundraising ideas.

Bag packing at your local supermarket

Simply ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers’ shopping and ask for a donation for your service. Get help from a few friends and make sure you keep a collection box nearby! Make sure you contact your store well in advance as these opportunities can fill up fast.

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Dictionaries at the ready! This is your chance to recreate those ever popular spelling bees and flex your intellectual muscle. You could chose to mimic the American style of taking it in turn to stand in the spotlight and spell aloud or perhaps a more sedate version where everyone has words read out to them and answers are written down and submitted at the end. Strictly no phones allowed! Tailor your words to suit the audience and offer bonus points for literary themed words.

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Calling all wanna-be pop stars! This is your chance to dust off the microphone, unpack the glitter and take your vocal chords for a night out. You can choose to hold an event at the local karaoke venue or just invite people round and use one of the many at-home programmes. Asking guests to dress as famous musical stars or literary characters can make the photos look even better and bonus points to anyone who can link a particular song to the written word – “Paperback Writer” by the Beatles anyone?

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